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Exterior Painting for your house in Dundee and surrounding areas.

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About Us And Our Work

At Paint Spec, our team of painters have over 35 years experience in helping and painting people’s homes in and around Dundee.

Our team has the experience and skills to manage every job, using all the professional equipment from PPE, high grade clothing and safety equipment. Each job brings new challenges which we are prepared to face. Creating new and fresh looks for each house using skills of the trade.

Paint Spec offers many incredible services which provide you and your home with fresh new looks, from exterior painting for your house to washing and sealing your driveway. Each service is valuable, so let’s take a look at our services we can provide for you.

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Exterior Services For Your House And Driveway

Exterior Painting

When it comes to painting your home, it can be a struggle to reach all the right places on the wall or even find the correct paint and method, so we are happy to take the exterior painting matters into our own hands.

Every painter is fully qualified and trained in this trade. A free assessment and quote will be given when you contact us.

Driveway Washing

Your driveway is the fore-front of your property, that’s why we offer to clean and seal the driveway. Using pressure washing and high grade sealant, your driveway could revert back to its former glory, also ensuring a smooth and new finish.

No more slipping on that mould between the cracks. Free assessment and quote will be given.

uPVC Maintenance

Is your roof needing a little TLC? We are happy to come along and take care of your roof. From cleaning the gutters, re-painting all fascia's and edges, your roof will come away looking brand new.

We use safety harnesses and reals when working at heights and a free assessment and quote will be given for this service.

Our Exterior Work Throughout Scotland

If you need a new look for the exterior of your home or a revamped driveway or roof, look no further than Paint Spec.

We are prepared for the challenges and ready to make your home look and feel brand new.

A Beneficial Process that Lasts

All our process are designed to keep your house exterior, from the walls, guttering and fascia's to the driveway looking their best. Although there are many benefits to maintaining your exteriors. 

Benefits of Maintaining the Exterior of your Home


Having a Power wash on your driveway or a proper clean out of your guttering, keeps these in their best condition, therefore extending their lifespan and making sure they operate as they should.


Cleaning and maintenance to your exterior helps protect your home from the elements. Reducing the chance of water damage, damp and mould growth. 


Blocked Guttering or Mossy driveways are dangerous. Mossy driveways can be very slippery, and blocked gutters stops them from functioning as they should, allowing water to run down your walls, increasing the risk of mould and damp forming.


The most obvious benefit is that it keeps your house looking brand new, and enhances your properties appeal if you are thinking of selling. The exterior of your house is important is that is the first impression visitors have when they visit your home.

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