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Driveway Cleaning & Patio Cleaning in and around Dundee - Keeping Your Dundee Property Clean

The Great Driveway Cleaning Service

What is Block Paving on your Driveway?

Block paving is also known as brick paving, is used as a decorative pathway or driveway. Brick blocks are easy to install and easy to uplift and remove, also simple to clean.

Cleaning block paving is a task for Paint Spec, this simple service will leave your block paving for your driveway looking brand new and free from moss, algae and stubborn dirt.

For us, cleaning your driveway and pathways are a needed service. Keeping regular upkeep on your block paving can mean less hazards and a neat and tidy look for your property.

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Driveway Cleaning And Sealing

Cleaning and sealing your driveway can means less repairs in the future. The surface of your driveway after our cleaning service will be pristine and fresh.

As mentioned on our Driveway Cleaning service page, cleaning your driveways can result in a better look for your home, making the view out the window a good one.

Being proud of your driveway is a real thing, that's why at Paint Spec we are happy to get down and dirty when it comes to cleaning and sealing your driveways and patios.

After the cleaning process we will seal your block paving, this ensures a fresh look and can stunt the growth of moss and algae, which mentioned in our Driveway Sealing page can prevent slippery hazards, making your driveway a lot safer.

Cleaning Your Driveway

Using high grade equipment, such as a pressure washer, our team gets to work by cleaning and fixing your block paving.

Our cleaning service won’t take long, depending on the size of your block paving and the condition it is already in, you will be given an estimate when you talk with our trusted team.

After we sweep away any debris and loose dirt, we will clean your block paving by using our pressure washer. If any repairs are needed, these will be carried out before our service is required.

Cleaning and restoration is a great service we provide for your property. Keeping your block paving clean in and around Dundee.

Driveway Dirty
Driveway Clean

Dundee Patio Cleaning

Previously mentioned on our Patio Sealer service page, our patios also need a good upkeep. We use our patios all year round so keeping them looking brand new can impress any visitors. Check out our Patio Cleaning page for more information.

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Exterior Painting

When it comes to painting your home, it can be a struggle to reach all the right places on the wall or even find the correct paint and method, so we are happy to take the exterior painting matters into our own hands.

Driveway Clean

Driveway Washing

We offer to clean and seal the driveway. Using pressure washing and high grade sealant, your driveway could revert back to its former glory, also ensuring a smooth and new finish.

UPVC Dundee

uPVC Maintenance

Is your roof needing a little TLC? We are happy to come along and take care of your roof. From cleaning the gutters, re-painting all fascia's and edges, your roof will come away looking brand new.

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