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Driveway Cleaning And Washing In Dundee - Dundee And Surrounding Areas

Driveway Cleaning - The Best Cleaning Service For Your Driveways In Dundee

When yourself or visitors come to your home, where's the first place they enter upon? Your driveway. Having a rundown and overgrown driveway would turn heads in the wrong direction. This is why at Paint Spec, our aim is to bring that driveway of yours a new lease of life once again. 

Cleaning, washing and sealing your driveway can make a huge difference, creating a whole brand new look to the front of your property. Keeping your driveway clean and sealed can also mean no new moss growth which will require very little maintenance for your driveway in the years to come. 

Our skilled team offers a pressure washing service, which we tidy, clean and seal the area you require here in Dundee and surrounding areas. 

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What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing, using an industrial machine the power washer produces high pressure at a regular temperature. This can remove the toughest of stains on concrete and driveways. This machine is great for removing built up moss and mould, salt and mildew residue. Pressure washing can also be a lifesaver when it comes to handling grease stains from your driveways.

We can pressure wash your driveway, walls, patio and decking. Our team will assess your needs and give you a quote for this service.

This service can be highly beneficial for your driveway, so what are the benefits of this service?

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Driveway

  • Maintenance - Saves your driveway from harmful growth. (Moss, algae and mildew)
  • Protect - Pressure washing can protect your driveway in the long term
  • Health & Safety - Cleaning your driveway means water can run off easily reducing the risk of slipping and skidding.
  • Overall Appearance  - Enhance your property appeal, and can make the area look great and brand new.

What are the Steps we take to Maintain your Driveway

Before we get started on the cleaning and overall maintenance, our team will assess the area and give you a quote. What do we base our quote on? It all depends on three main factors of this service.

  1. Size of the area needing work done. 
  2. Damages and growth that need sorted.
  3. Time it could take to fix up and finalise.

Don’t worry, our team will guide you through each process and make sure you are comfortable with what we quote. After all, it’s your property.

Each Step We Take For Cleaning Your Driveway Block

After the quote has been given and you are happy for us to continue, we begin. Again, depending on the size of the area needing work done, it could take a while or not long at all.

Step 1.

First we must prep the affected area. We will pick up and brush away any thick debris.

Step 2.

Then we will degrease the area, making sure there aren't any stubborn stains.

Step 3.

Now it’s time to prep the pressure washer, our team will set this up while getting their PPE on which includes gloves, eye protection and boots.

Step 4.

After our team is suited and booted, it's time to get to work. The pressure washer is filled with a strong detergent and it is swept back and forth starting from the top of the area. This is to ensure the water flows down the driveway.

The detergent is left on for 10-25 minutes before it is rinsed off with water.

Step 5.

Now time to let it dry fully, because it will have to be sealed with a high grade sealant. This deters any future stains from soaking in.

Step 6.

Our team uses a sealant called SmartSeal. This high grade sealer is perfect for professionally sealing the driveway up. Our team will wear vent masks and PPE when using the SmartSeal.

After the SmartSeal is applied, the area must NOT be used for 24 hours. Paint Spec will talk with you through every stage so you know what to expect.

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Paint Spec Driveway Cleaning Service - Dundee

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Cleaning and revitalising properties is a professional service we provide in Dundee and surrounding areas.

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