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Driveway Sealing In Dundee And Surrounding Areas

Dundee Driveways - Cleaning And Sealing

In Dundee and surrounding areas, we are working hard on driveways to ensure they are cleaned and sealed properly. 

Sealing your driveway can reduce the growth of new algae and mould, which also reduces the risk of accidents. When algae and mould get wet from rainfall, it can become a slippery surface. An unprotected driveway will deteriorate overtime, paving the way for more accidents.

Driveway sealant should be used professionally. Paint Spec uses a certain high grade sealant called SmartSeal.

Driveway Sealing - SmartSeal

SmartSeal sealant acts as a protective seal on your driveway surface effectively making it non-porous.  Creating a layer that's protective and keeps the natural stone colour of the driveway intact.

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The Benefits Of Applying SmartSeal To My Driveway

Reduced Deterioration

When the SmartSeal sealant has been applied properly to the driveway, future deterioration is minimally reduced. 

Quick & Easy Process

After the initial process of cleaning the driveway, and perhaps using a weed killer if needed, the sealant will be applied. This process should be nice and quick and it can dry quickly on the driveway.

Long-Term Protection

SmartSeal can last 10-15 years if applied correctly. Cleaning the driveway after this using conventional cleaning products will not damage or reduce the life expectancy of the sealant. 

Driveway Cleaning - In The City Of Dundee

We know that in the city, our driveways can become damaged and dirty very quickly due to the daily ins and outs of the average person and the pressure from vehicles. The UK weather can also damage your driveway with storms, high winds and battering rains. 

It is important to keep your driveway looking new and hazard free at all times, this is why at Paint Spec we use high grade materials and sealants to ensure maximum life expectancy when we work with your driveway with this service.

Why We Use A Driveway Sealer

Your driveway needs coating and protection from weather and daily use, a driveway sealer can improve your driveway and create a new fresh look for the driveway and your property.

Each driveway is different and made from different types of concrete and tarmac but rest assured our trusted team will consult with you about the work you may need done.

When we apply a driveway sealer, we will wear all the correct and appropriate PPE equipment when doing this service.

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You can also check out our other services on our website if you’re needing your driveway or patio cleaned and resealed. 

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