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Patio and Paving Sealing in Dundee

Patios are a lovely way to make use of your garden space, by having a beautifully paved area outside where you can have a seating area. Patios are popular even in Dundee and the rest of Scotland, where it can be a bit chilly.

Our Patio and Paving Sealer will help preserve your patio and keep it looking new year-round so when the few summery days in Dundee, Scotland does come around, your patio will ready, clean and protected for a last-minute BBQ with friends.

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Patios and Paving we can Seal

We use a highly durable protective seal, that can be used on most patio types. The sealant we use has a few variations which mean it can cover both natural stone patios and block or concrete paving. This sealant is durable and well tested and can withstand the worst weather, even the weather we get in winter in Dundee. 

For Block Paving, Flagstones and Imprinted Concrete, we use an acrylic-based seal. This sealant is not a paint, it soaks into the paving, replaces lost colour and leaves a hardened sealed surface that is resistant to plant growth, UV Light and general weathering. 

We use a solvent-free, breathable sealer for any natural stone patios, such as Slate, Sandstone or Limestone. 

If you are unsure of your patio type, don’t worry. Paint Spec offers a free quote, and during this assessment, we can find your patio type and let you know the best options for you to protect your Dundee patio. 

Can you Seal my Driveways?

In short, yes we can. We offer Driveway cleaning and sealing services. You can check their service pages for more information.

Driveway Cleaning Dundee

Driveway Sealer Dundee

SmartSeal: Our Sealing Substance

SmartSeal is a UK-based company, offering a huge range of sealers for several areas outside the home and indoors. They also offer cleaning supplies specially designed to make cleaning paving and patios easier. 

SmartSeal have over 15 years of experience working with sealers and offer some of the best available. This is why Paint Spec works with SmartSeal to offer you the best service for your patios.

Driveway Clean

Benefits of SmartSeal

There are many benefits to using Smartseal across patios and paving in your property.


Applying a sealer will help keep your patio looking new for longer, and any damage or deterioration will be extremely minimal.

Enhances Paving

Sealing also enhances the colour of your patio and can protect it from colour loss due to UV light.

Clean Look

A sealant will help protect your patio against weeds and algae growths, and oil stains. This means you won’t have to dig out weeds from your patio so often, making your patio look effortlessly spotless.


Sealing helps to solidify the sand in the joints of paving. This means your patio will last longer, and you won’t need to worry about tiles slipping. 

Our Process for Sealing your Patio in Dundee

When Patios and paving are first laid, they look fantastic and add a significant amount of visual appeal to your home, however, keeping patios and paving in this new looking state is difficult. 

Exposure to UV light, weathering and general wear and tear will lead to your paving losing its colour and fading. Power washing is a good choice for cleaning patios however doing this often can increase deterioration. Applying a seal to your patio will help protect it from the elements and keep it looking brand new for years. Here is our process for sealing your patio.

Step 1.

First, Cleaning. We power wash the area. We do this with a high-pressure water cleaner, which will lift the toughest of dirt from any surface. 

We need to make sure the paving is spotless so the sealant can work properly. We will clean the area of any stains or debris as well to ensure the final look is the best outcome. Thorough cleaning and washing is a vital step in this process for application, protection and final appearance. 

Step 2.

After a time for the patio to dry, this can take up to a few days, we are ready to apply the sealant in dry weather. Using either a roller, sprayer or sealing broom, we apply a first even layer across the whole surface. We then leave this to dry for up to 2 hours.

Step 3.

Once dry, we apply a layer of sand and push this into the joints, to secure the joints and paving.

Step 4.

Then we apply a clear layer of sealant over the whole area. We make sure to apply a good layer, so it can sink into the sand. This sets the sand and protects your paving from loosening and deterioration.

Step 5.

And that's it complete. Your patio and paving are now protected against weeds, algae and fading, and general deterioration. 

This process is a general idea of what we do, however, some steps may differ depending on the project, type of patio, and size of the area we are working with.

We will let you know exactly what will happen to your project. One standard difference is that for Concrete sealing we will do two layers of the initial sealant. This is just because of the material, and doubling the layer is needed to offer years of protection from the elements. 

Give us a Call for our Services in Dundee

If you’re in need of some painters for your home, contact us today. Our painter crew are experts in what they do and are ready to help give your home a fresh look. You can also send us a message or call our number and we’d be happy to chat with you about any paintwork you require for your home. 

You can also check out our other services on our website if you’re needing your driveway or patio cleaned and resealed. 

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