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uPVC Soffits and Fascias Dundee

Is your roofline looking a bit worse for wear? The uPVC roofline serves many important functions, so you need to keep it in good condition. It provides added protection to the edge of your roof and your walls, while also supporting other important features such as fascias, soffits and guttering. 

We are happy to work with you to fix your uPVC Roofline and replace it. Get in touch with us today to discuss any work needing to be done. 

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uPVC Roofline Dundee

A Roofline is a name given to 4 separate components that combine together to create the roofline. These four components all have different functions and are all very important to your roof and to keep your home protected from the elements. 

Paint Spec is trained and qualified to replace any uPVC Roofline needed, and are more than happy to work with you. 


The Fascias is attached to the joint between the roof and the external walls of the house. These are boards, generally white in colour though others are available. It is attached directly to the lower roof trusses and once properly installed it is very strong. It can not only support the lower layer of roof tiles, but also the guttering. 

These were originally made of wood, however wood needed to be repainted many times throughout the year to keep it watertight, and even then it was prone to rot and decay. Now, most people opt for uPVC, which is highly durable plastic, strong enough to support the roofline and roof edge and to protect against the elements. 


Soffits are also boards, though these are found under the fascia board. The soffits are the section of your roof that overhangs. Soffits protect moisture from entering your home and protect the timber used in the roof from rotting. Although Soffits also protect against insects and small animals from entering and nesting in your home too. 


Bargeboards are essentially just like fascias, although they don’t need to support the guttering. Bargeboards are applied to the edges of your diagonal roof sections, protecting the roof from the elements just as a fascia does. 


Guttering is a hugely important part of your roof. The guttering collects water from the roof and guides it down to the ground safely. This is designed to keep water from running down your walls, and poling on the ground around the house. Both of these would eventually result in damp forming from all the moisture in the walls. 

uPVC Roofline Maintenance

uPVC became a popular roofing material because it requires very little maintenance. It is structurally strong, while also being able to withstand the harshest weathers, without losing strength. It can support the roofline and roof, and looks great, with very little maintenance.

The only maintenance really suggested it keep your guttering clean and free of debris, as this can stop the guttering from functioning as it should. Other than that, just keep an eye on the roofline, and check it after any really bad weather to make sure it all fine. 

Why Should you Replace your Roofline?

Your roofline is your first defence against bad weather and moisture. If your roofline has seen better days or has damages then you should seek to replace or fix it as soon as possible, by a professional. The sooner you notice and get the problem fixed the less damage it will cause to your walls and roof. Other than the obvious reasons why else should you consider replacing your roofline?

Future Proof

uPVC is extremely durable and will last many years. Replacing your roofline now could save you from issues further down the line. It also means you can relax knowing your roofline will be strong and secure.


The appearance of your home is important to many, it is the first impression someone gets of your home and is the first thing potential buyers see if you are selling your property in the future. uPVC is strong and any small blemishes or scratches are barely visible so it will keep your home looking fresh and new for much longer. 

Easy Maintenance

As we mentioned above, uPVC is the easiest roofline material to maintain. Its durable and strong, and lasts many years, making it a very popular choice for roof lining.

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You can also check out our other services on our website if you’re needing your driveway or patio cleaned and resealed. 

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